Our team

Daniel RamosPlanning the next step

"When you expect to support customers, selling your products and solutions is not enough, you need to feel his business as yours, understand his limitations and take into account the problems in order to offer solutions..."

Francisco José García López Organizing the programs

"To know how to say no when the customer is listening yes, is not a need, is an art. Heading for the right solution is always a yes for the user, which only seeks for things to work properly."

Miguel Ángel Mora Placing the front-end

"It said is not enough being pretty, but you also have to look pretty. Working in front-end is like carving a big marble block: every cut must be treated with the same quality as the raw material you are dealing with."

Alejandro Alonso Always in the cloud

“Imagination is so much more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination isn´t. If you think you worth what you know, you are mistaken; what you worth is what you eventually are able to learn.”

Ana García Monitoring the chaos

“Effort with no control and organization is just that, effort. So that effort becomes work, adequate resources, in the appropriate moment, with the right colleagues is a must you need.”

Juan José SánchezColoring everything

“Creating online experiences, beating web design, code implementing, resolution resolving, with the best possible support, always looking for the best result for the customer.”