We could talk with so many technical terms or talk a language close to people or just stop talking and start working hard.
We summarize for you what we do, for the time being, far from machine language.


Technical ally

We want to be your ally.
We bring technology closer to your business, in the most profitable way. Our intention is that you don´t have to waste time searching around. We know the market, we know who is who and we don´t have any problem in sharing it with you. We offer consulting services (the good ones), technical strategy consulting or just technical consulting. We will be with you as long as it takes. Our know-how is yours.


Presence and web services

In the most pure way.
From the presence to web services SOAP/REST. We code, design, implement and, above all of it, we give you exactly what you need. Do you need an e-commerce platform? Are you in the e-learning business? Would you like going up to the cloud in the most secure way? Do you want it free? Do you use GPL or some other modality? You rather having a software factory? We adequate ourselves to you and your needs.


Software and development

Through our custom-made developments, we have generated millions of euros for our customers, so they can keep growing.
Do you fancy being one of them? We have already developed applications such as Messengers, monitoring systems, integration systems, services platforms, documentary systems, office productivity, etc... For your PC or your server, for the cloud or your device. Researching and developing is not a possibility, is a need.


Support and maintenance

How all of this get maintained?.
Well, we are good and we try to generate the less expenses we can, but... things have to be maintained so they keep working properly. For our applications as well as for other external systems, we offer technical support, first, second and third level. The one you need: evolutionary, preventive and corrective support/maintenance. We also advise you in choosing the one you need.