We are a young company reinvented in 2008 which aims to bring new technologies to the business, making the intangible tangible.

We were born from the illusion of offering what others only dream of: providing solutions.

However, Infokode believes in people: we are convinced that our added value resides in the quality of the people we work with. We concentrate big part of our effort in their wellness, as well as our partners and client´s. But we don´t do it in an altruist way: we know this wellness is an investment that will have direct repercussions in the results.

All people working at Infokode believe that profitability is totally compatible with harmony and expertise.

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Business lines

Our main business line is your business.

We dress up with your clothes, we have for breakfast same things you usually do, so we feel your business as ours.

Origin contactar con Daniel Ramos

After 15 years developing his career in management, direction and partnership positions in different companies and sectors (telecom, technology, mobile, call centers, energy, CRM, online based business, logistic, transportation), Daniel Ramos takes advantage of his multidisciplinary training to deal with each solution from the required profile.

"When you expect to support customers, selling your products and solutions is not enough, you need to feel his business as yours, understand his limitations and take into account the problems in order to offer solutions..."

Daniel Ramos